Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap

What’s your dream tourist destination — either a place you’ve been and loved, or a place you’d love to visit? What about it speaks to you?

The Daily Prompt

So, I thought I’d try one of the daily prompts from the Daily Post Blog.

I thought about my dream tourist destination and came up with a few ideas, but the one I think I’ll write a little bit about is Comic-Con.

I have something to admit, a nerd deficiency if you will. I have never been to a convention. Partly this is because I live in the UK and conventions have only just gotten going over here in the past few years. Partly this is because I’m a little bit nervous that it will not be as good as I hope. But mainly it is because I don’t have the money. My dream would be for when I have been working for a few years to, go to a convention and be able to buy things without worrying about my wallet (so much, I think I’ll always worry about it a bit, unless I win the lottery). And why Comic-Con as my dream convention. Well, it’s always been THE convention in my head and my wanting to go was only reinforced when I watched Paul (the Pegg/Frost film) a month or so ago. Also, I have heard that Magic: The Gathering happens at Comic-Con…

I have heard good things about DragonCon too, so maybe that should be my dream, as maybe it is more varied and less focused on comics. I do like comics, but I’m not a hardcore fan and haven’t read that many.

Either way, it’s a massively nerdy dream and I really, really want to go. To Comic-Con, DragonCon and other things with Con in the name.


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