Kindle Fire: The Tablet of (cheap) Awesome

So, I really like my kindle fire. I was never really a fan of the Ipad, but when I heard about the kindle fire being £99 on amazon 6 months ago, I decided that it was affordable and it was worth a try.

It was really worth the try. Free books, access to the Android app store, and functional web browser. Properly awesome. The John Carter of Mars series is free and a must for anyone interested in sci-fi books.

Some other free Sci-fi and fantasy worth a look are:

In Her Name: Empire by Micheal R. Hicks

The Honour of the Knights by Stephen Sweeney

The Phoenix Conspiracy by Richard L Sanders

These three were excellent and in the case of In Her Name I went on to buy the next two in the trilogy (they didn’t cost a lot).

The app store is pretty good and is getting better. I’ve found the best three games on there to be Jurassic Park builder, Jetpack Joyride and Flow. I’ve been tempted by a couple of the paid games, notably Final Fantasy 3, but have resisted thus far.

Overall I find having a Kindle Fire is excellent and well worth the money. The only two issues are the short battery life (which takes a long time to recharge) and the small storage. I have the regular kindle fire and it only has about 6gb of storage. Thankfully the apps don’t take up too much space and I’ve put a couple of audiobooks on there too.

I would reccommend one to anyone thinking about a tablet and if the storage space is a problem, I know the HD edition comes with increased storage.


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