Things I have learn’t about the Modern metagame: Part 3

Okay, so the reason I’ve taken a while to do another one of these is simple. I haven’t played many different decks since last time. I’m played a lot of burn and RDW, and a lot of mono-black varients, neither of which are particularly interesting. No offence to anyone who plays burn, but it’s a really boring match most of the time. Either they draw the cards to kill you, or they don’t. Or I play t2 Kor Firewalker and ride it to victory.

The more interesting decks I’ve played against are as follows:

Grixis Control: Another control varient, but weaker than UWR I think. Electolyze, Cryptic Command, Bolt, etc, with additional hand disruption and Terminate, plus a different manland. Not worth the loss of Day of Judgement, Ajani, Elspeth, and Path in my opinion. One guy I played gets style points for Cruel Ultimatum, but  you really shouldn’t be maindecking it.

Domain Zoo. 5 Colour zoo, with the Kird apes, Goyfs, Loam Lions, Goblin Guides, Deathrite Shaman, Dark Confidant, Elspeth, Knight Errant etc, and Tribal Flames hit for 5. Was interesting to play against, but a 5 colour manabase dependant on fetchlands doesn’t like 8 strip mine effects and Leonin Arbiter. Not one bit.

Affinity: Only played against this once, but it didn’t go well. I play an affinity varient in paper magic, so I know how stupid it can get. I didn’t draw great hands and the other guy got empty your hand+thoughtcast t2 nut draws both games. I don’t have a great match-up against this anyway. The decks with Thalia do it slightly better, but I need some sideboard tech for it. Kataki, War’s Wage would be my go to guy.

R/G aggro: Modern version of the standard deck Naya Blitz. Probably has 5 guys down by turn three. Goblin Guide into t2 Burning Tree, Burning Tree, Tarmogoyf is something I’ve played against. My outs here are the pro red guys in the sideboard, as well as Mirran Crusader if it doesn’t get hit with Lightning Bolt.

Jund Aggro: I like jund aggro, but it has a horrible match up against this deck. Vengevine and Loltroll don’t like mirran crusader and it gets even worse for them post board when I can put timely reinforcements in. The manabase can be fragile too. And good luck casting demigod of revenge.

That’s all folks. I don’t have more things to say, because of the silly amount of times I’ve played against burn in the last week or so. Things I have learned are that I really need path to exile and the curving Mentor of the Meek into Hero of Bladehold is awesome.

Here is the deck I’m playing. Since last time I took out the Ring of Thune and put a Flickerwisp into the sideboard. Needs Thalia, Linvala, Path and some more sideboard tech, but those are kinda expensive.

4 aether vial
1 flickerwisp
1 ajani, caller of the pride
2 eight-and-a-half-tails
3 hero of bladehold
1 judges familiar
4 leonin arbiter
3 mentor of the meek
4 mirran crusader
4 serra avenger
2 student of warfare
4 honor of the pure
4 sunlance
1 oblivion ring
4 ghost quarter
4 tectonic edge
13 plains
1 ethersworn canonist

2 burrenton forge-tender
2 celestial purge
1 flickerwisp
2 kor firewalker
1 mentor of the meek
1 rule of law
2 tempest of light
4 timely reinforcements


2 thoughts on “Things I have learn’t about the Modern metagame: Part 3

  1. Just curious, have you been playing this in tournaments online, or testing it in the other room? (can’t remember what it’s called, but you can just play against people without using tickets or anything lol.)

    • Just testing in the Tournement Practice room so far. I want to get an idea of what I can expect in tournaments, but once I get the Paths and a couple of the cheaper sideboard stuff I’m going to give it a try. I’ll do a post when I enter a Modern Daily

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