Things I have learn’t about the Modern metagame: Part 1

I enjoy Magic: The Gathering. And like anything I enjoy, I want to be good at it. Don’t mistake this for being super competetive, I don’t need to win all the time. But I like to be good at whatever it is I’m doing.

So, I’ve been playing modern (one particular format for any non-mtgers) on Magic the Gathering Online. Just playing against randoms and trying to learn the metagame a little, so maybe I can eventually enter some random events. I’ll write some of my learnings up and maybe make a little series of it.

For those who are interested I’m playing a version of White Weenie Hatebears. I’ll post the deck list at the bottom.

So tonight’s learnings are:

1. Timely Reinforcements is really, really good againt Sucide Black

2. Sunlance is not as good as Path to Exile, this should be obvious.

3. Do not keep one land hands, even with Aether Vial


5. Open the Vaults is a thing and I need to figure out how to beat it.

6. Restore Balance is a thing and I need to figure out how to beat it.

I think that is it for this evening, I’ll do another post when I learn more things.

Here is the list:


4 aether vial
1 ring of thune
1 ajani, caller of the pride
2 eight-and-a-half-tails
3 hero of bladehold
1 judges familiar
4 leonin arbiter
3 mentor of the meek
4 mirran crusader
4 serra avenger
2 student of warfare
4 honor of the pure
4 sunlance
1 oblivion ring
4 ghost quarter
4 tectonic edge
13 plains
1 ethersworn canonist

2 burrenton forge-tender
2 celestial purge
1 flickerwisp
2 kor firewalker
1 mentor of the meek
1 rule of law
2 tempest of light
4 timely reinforcements